Super Vac

Louisiana Super Vac - Steve Kent TruckingOur Louisiana super vacs are ready to tackle any job that you may have! Super vacs are the ideal equipment for removing waste materials from deep depths, removal of heavy sludge from tanks, and are great for any number of industrial cleaning tasks.

When you’re looking for a liquid ring unit, a bag-house unit, or another style, Kent’s fleet of Louisiana super vacs has what you need. Our bag-house units provide a debris tank capacity of 3600+ gallons and are some of the quietest super vacs on the market today. Kent super vacs utilize Vacuum Recovery (VR) Technology which enables the unit to reclaim carryover from the combination bag house and cyclone while work continues via the hose.  This equipment thoroughly removes contaminated sediment while disturbing the environment as little as possible.  Carryover materials get blown back into the debris tank at one of three different adjustable speeds, depending on the type of material you’re vacuuming. Each bag house can be alternately cleaned offline, and discharge air from the blower is directed through the clean side of the bags into the hopper beneath. Next, the material is “fluffed” and gets sent back into the debris tank, so all material is flushed from the system (except in the debris tank). VR Technology is a life-saver for certain cleaning jobs, since it allows zero material build-up in the bag houses, thus eliminating the risk of an explosion.

Give us a call to learn more about our Louisiana super vacs today or fill out our contact form and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will quickly get in touch with you!


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